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Back in 2007 when Aksels (pronounced Axel’s) was founded, you could say it fell into the stereotypical, “selling t-shirts out of the trunk of your car” category, but since then, it has progressed from the trunk, to the basement, to a storage room, and in 2012, a Downtown Denver office/showroom. Fast forward to 2015 and we now have a large warehouse location, near downtown!

Due to relentless support from friends, family, retailers and countless amounts of awesome consumers, we have been able to continue and grow this brand to something we could have never dreamt of. Initially starting with the Grown Locally series of tee’s and other Colorado inspired designs, it has quickly grown into a culture that prides itself on producing products that people are proud to wear.

It took more than 2 years of countless samples and adjustments, before we were ready to release our next product that was near and dear to our heart, the HAT!

As is our approach with everything we make, if us or our close friends wouldn't be STOKED to sport it, then there is no point in moving into production, but for the ones that do pass this highly technical and brutally intense level of testing (ie. put on item...look in mirror) then they are enshrined in the collection and welcomed by enthused customers from all places, and retailers of all kinds, quickly becoming a leading brand in their stores.

We have since grown to producing many other products and are excited to have the opportunity to expand our offerings beyond our native CO borders.

If you would like to stay up to date with new product releases, promos and discount codes, you can like us on Facebook @Aksels and/or follow us on Instagram and Twitter @AkselsApparel.  In late 2016, we also plan to utilize our email list to send out awesome promotions, so feel free to sign up for that as well.  We promise not to spam you, we really don't even like how it tastes!

Our Flagship Store is also up and running at 4321 N. Broadway St. Denver, CO 80216. Below are the hours.

Mon - Sat: 10am - 4pm
Sun: Closed

We encourage any and all feedback, so don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at Hope you have a great day and thanks for making it to the end of this paragraph!